What Companies Have Successful Mentorship Programs?

As a job seeker, maybe your passion is working with a company that can gradually mentor you through your career. You should, therefore, focus on refining your job-hunting skills to incorporate your focus of targeting working with companies that offer employee mentorship programs. Not many companies emphasize the concept of worker mentorship. Here are some companies whose workplaces have well-integrated mentorship programs.

General Electric
The General Electric Company emphasizes much on the concept of continuous learning to its employees. The program forms part of the company’s culture of continuous learning which offers employees an opportunity to boost their competency. The progressive mentorship in the company is designed to foster professional development as well as leadership skills among the participating employees.

The Caterpillar Company focuses on different professional development programs in 7 of its key segments. These include analytics, financial services, human resource, engineering, marketing, leadership, and the digital sector. Any employees within those departmental segments stand to benefit a lot as they are immersed in participative hands-on learning programs that are well integrated with mentorship and support.

United Services Automobile Association
The USAA Company is committed to upholding a mentorship and training program that is particularly designed to integrate veterans into a post-military career competency. The program is designed to help military veterans with a potential future in business to acquire the necessary skills and training as well as resources. After completion of the program, the successful candidates get a chance to upgrade their career with the company.

The 3M Company
3M gives its employees a chance to undergo executive, regional as well as financial mentorship. The formal and informal training and mentorship programs within the company are run at the human resource department level where the department works with the individual workers in coming up with tailor-made mentorship programs that can boost their employees’ competency.

Bain & Company
Bain & Company emphasizes on the concept of employee coaching, mentorship, and professional development. Every junior employee gets a chance to undergo mentorship by the more experienced professionals. After the successful coaching process, the junior workers stand a chance to progress their career with a company while also positioning themselves for better market competency.

About The Author
Jeff Bishop is a professional trader, entrepreneur, and educator that is most well-known for founding the popular trading programs, Raging Bull Trading and Weekly Money Multiplier. After completing his bachelor’s degree in finance and economics, Jeff Bishop began trading professionally, before launching Raging Bull in 2010. He continues to work as an educator for both Raging Bull Trading and Weekly Money Multiplier. 

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