Books On Options Trading

As options trading is becoming more and more popular, people continue to study how to become more proficient. Thankfully, there is an abundance of great resources that one can turn too to increase their knowledge. While some choose to go directly to the internet, there are some great books that can additionally be of some great help. Compiled is a list of three different books that are resourceful when it comes to options trading. Each of these books provides the essential information that is needed for one to get started in options trading.

The first book is considered to be the Bible of options trading. “Option as a Strategic Investment,” by Lawrence McMillan is the go-to resource that can help one to get a better understanding of what options trading is. It helps to cover all the useful strategies and information that is needed for a beginner in options trading. This text also helps to cover all of the potential risks and positive outcomes that are a part of the field of options trading.

The second book, “Option Volatility and Pricing,” by Sheldon Natenberg allows one to become familiar with how sensitive the market can be in options trading. It explains that with the market being so unpredictable, it can impact the pricing aspect. Natenberg takes the time to discuss some of the major points that come along with options trading such as risk management, pricing, and volatility.

The third book, “The Option Trader’s Hedge Fund,” by Mark Sebastian and Dennis Chen gives readers an inside look into different business model options that can help them become more profitable. This text gives readers a step by step process on how to create an investment portfolio that will continue to help in upping their sales.

Each of these texts is extremely valuable as they all give wonderful advice for those who are entering into the field of options trading. Taking the time to study and read these texts has proven to be beneficial to many readers. Entering into a field such as options trading requires time and dedication. It is not something that someone can enter into without studying out how to be successful and what they need to do.

About The Author
Jeff Bishop is a professional trader, entrepreneur, and educator that is most well-known for founding the popular trading programs, Raging Bull Trading and Weekly Money Multiplier. After completing his bachelor’s degree in finance and economics, Jeff Bishop began trading professionally, before launching Raging Bull in 2010. He continues to work as an educator for both Raging Bull Trading and Weekly Money Multiplier. 

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