The Benefits Of Quiet Leadership

Many people think of effective leaders as individuals known for their gregarious personalities and awe-inspiring speaking capabilities. While that might be true in certain instances, other times, quiet leaders can be just as, if not more efficient in a leadership role as more boisterous people. In fact, quiet leaders are often considered:

Better Listeners
In many cases, less vocal leaders are better listeners. It makes perfect sense. Those who do speak as much might very well enjoy absorbing what others have to say. Listening can be a vital skill towards effective leadership because doing so enables such individuals to obtain a variety of ideas and opinions. 

Intensely Focused
More often than not, less gregarious persons possess an intense level of focus. These leaders spend less time orating and devote greater time to strategizing and implementing. Adherence to these actions can and often does precipitate greater levels of high-quality work and productivity. Additionally, such individuals usually do not succumb to distractions. 

Possess Little Or No Ego
Quiet leaders typically possess little or no ego. This does not mean that less vocal leaders display any less confidence or ability. Rather, such managers and executives demonstrate less arrogance and a more inviting, “easy to work with” attitude than some leaders with more boisterous personalities. 

Maintain An Even Keel
Quieter people often possess a more even keel. Remaining calm in at all times, especially during trying or tense times, can enable a person holding a leadership role to render informed, rational decisions in lieu of hasty, irrational choices. 

Display Humility
Quiet leaders typically display a significant degree of humbleness in good and trying times. Specifically, such individuals neither rest on their laurels when experiencing success nor become too discouraged during moments of struggle. Less vocal overseers understand that displaying one emotional extreme or another can have a detrimental impact upon the people they lead. 

Instill Trust
Less demonstrative executives often display a significant level of trust in their employees. Such leaders believe those under their tutelage will accomplish what is expected of them. Furthermore, these unique managers give their staffers the time and space to meet these expectations. 

Lead By Example
 Quiet executives lead by example. In many instances, this means they adhere to admirable practices such as arriving to work before most others, set and follow an established routine and treat everyone with the same amount of respect and decency.

About The Author
Jeff Bishop is a professional trader, entrepreneur, and educator that is most well-known for founding the popular trading programs, Raging Bull Trading and Weekly Money Multiplier. After completing his bachelor’s degree in finance and economics, Jeff Bishop began trading professionally, before launching Raging Bull in 2010. He continues to work as an educator for both Raging Bull Trading and Weekly Money Multiplier. 

Visit Jeff Bishops’ professional website to learn more.


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